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SIFA Fireside is a homelessness support centre based in Birmingham. They create an inclusive, dynamic and supported environment for homeless people. I worked with SIFA Fireside on a number of projects designed to raise awareness of homelessness and encourage people to use SIFA’s services.

In this TikTok style video, viewers are presented with facts about modern slavery set against the backdrop of the back streets of Digbeth in Birmingham.

 Colmore Business District work alongside SIFA Fireside to ensure that homeless people in the Colmore Row area of Birmingham can get the support they need.

Modern slavery is a growing problem in the UK, affecting people of all backgrounds and nationalities. In this interview we hear about 6 key things that most people don’t know about modern slavery.

"Welcome to the drop-in" goes behind the scenes of the drop-in centre to show viewers the support and services on offer to the local homelessness community.

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